Stonehenge Sunrise

Stonehenge Sunrise

Amidst the enigma and also bewilderment that enshrouds a little part of Salisbury in England’s eco-friendly and also enjoyable land, I marvelled to witness among the great marvels of the world.

Prior to me stood 5 thousand years of history, a secret dating back to the ancient Druids as well as societies long considering that lost to the passages of time.

Silhouetted versus the pre-dawn sky, Stonehenge stood proud in the grief, its pillars joined as one framework, created from the hand of guy five millennia ago.

If only it can speak as well as reveal its internal secrets, inform us tales of happiness and also sadness, heroes and bad guys.

However, for currently it just sat and also waited on the dawn of a new day, a new experience to include in the brochures of background.

And afterwards the sun peered its head above the perspective and also the sky came to be a mix of reds, oranges and yellows.

From the darkness came shadows cast from the large rock sentinels racing away across the verdant fields.

Unexpectedly the countryside lived, stired up from its sleep and welcoming the morning sunlight.

Sunrise was greeted by birds, dance from stone to stone, playing atop this formation which controls the regional landscape.

The silence was broken from birdsong rising from all around the rock circle, each nook as well as cranny a hideout for the little others.

First light was come with by a trendy gentle wind drifting sedately throughout the land bringing a chill to the skin.

But the best feeling was a sensation of seclusion, an overwhelming feeling of loneliness as the stones sat below long after their manufacturers and also designated ceremonies.

Stonehenge has actually seen a great deal during a lengthy as well as unstable British history.

It needs to have been fascinating to have been an innocent spectator and also experienced the fluctuate of the Roman Empire.

However, for now Stonehenge sits in a rather edge of England, welcoming the dawn of a new day.